When your your ass begins spontaneously sweating, unrelated to heat or exercise. The crack is especially affected.
Mighty fuck, I have the ass sweats, my underwear has reached it's saturation point.
by Lethargic Lad November 22, 2003
Heavy sweat originating between the ass cheeks.
Look at his pants! He has some major ass sweat happening.
by The Slater November 04, 2003
The greasy residue found between your ass cheeks when your first wake up, or finish from a strenuous activity. For really fat people, ass sweat forms even when no activity is being done
Pete Jenkins gets ass sweat when he sits in spanish class
by Lawrence Bromberek March 16, 2004
Of the many things that come out of a boy, this is the most delicious
I spent the evening licking up his delicious ass sweat.
by Exc March 14, 2004

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