An individual that bites ones butt-cheeks. Usually resulting in a case of swollen colon, staff infection, or a bite mark. Usually the butt-cheek is firm and very smooth allowing the ass muncher(s) to get the most accurate nibble or sometimes bite. people who get assmunched...usually go into a state of horniness where they start to develop long boners and occasional discharges of the vaginal canal.
Lindsay is the dumbest ass muncher. She bit Mr.Decker's wrong buttcheek. This turned Mr.Decker off which resulted in him whacking her in the face with his ballsack(s).
by rimjobstar November 10, 2007
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one who licks/bites/eats pleanty of ass.
johnny is an ass muncher.
by dick June 26, 2003
(1) A person who considers another person's rectum a delicacy. (2) Those who exhibit traits characteristic to "a person who considers another person's rectum a delicacy."
That fucking, assmuncher just ran a red light and cut me off.
by El Diablo February 17, 2004
A person that is too far up his or her own ass to know any better. An ass muncher will always look out for number one and too preoccupied to care.
Being the ass muncher that he is, John ate the last donut and didn't even save me any.
by buzznjackal August 22, 2003
to chow down on the anal region of another human being with pleasurable intent.
you are such an ass muncher.
by Mr Munecricket February 21, 2009
1. A person who likes to munch ass.
2. Steve Harris.
Steve, you assmuncher!
by MT November 14, 2003
1) One who munches ass.

2) An incompetent person.
James just bit my ass, i think it left a mark.

What an assmuncher!
by nonassmuncher November 24, 2009
a true ass hole

some one who munches lots of ass
shrooms: ily bitchh.
annitto: -_____________-
shrooms: fucking ass muncher
by shroomsyo April 09, 2010

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