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mispronunciation of the star of pokemon used in a humorous way to make fun of people who like pokemon
shut the fuck up ass ketchup
by peelshere January 12, 2011
When you shart, and and the blood from your cancer and/or rectal infection turns the poopy soup into a tomato flavored red paste, like ketchup.

Origin: While playing I was playing Pokemon (cause I'm a beast), my brother tried to say "Ash Ketcham," but failed like a woman. Naturally we made it into a word.
Chaz- *farts nastily with much gusto* "Aww man, I think I just made ass ketchup... Darn cancer/taco bell."

Bob- "Ever since Todd developed that digestive disorder, the only thing he has had on his burgers is ass ketchup."

Richard- "My name is long for dick."
by PicnicTimeMotherFUCKER May 20, 2010
When you give it to a girl so hard in the butt that her bum starts to bleed.
Ron: I gave it to lucy so hard last night she started to bleed out her butthole.
Tom: What did you do?
Ron: I licked it up. I love Ass Ketchup its sooooooo kinky.
Tom: Wow you are weird.
by RedWhiteAndDead February 04, 2008
When your period is heavier than expected and it climbs up inbetween your ass cheeks.
I have a serious case of ass ketchup right now.
by SonicCroissant June 17, 2016
The blood that pours out of a girls' ass onto your "hot dog" when you fuck her too hard.
I could tell she hasn't done anal before from all the ass ketchup on my dick
by RENNYFACE July 29, 2010
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