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1. A homosexual

2. (Rare) A prolific ass raper, or a person known for having great amounts of anal sex

Origins: Ass, slang for recktum. Jockey, one who rides horses for sport.
Don't touch my bum you ass jockey.
by Jurc Mei Offe January 18, 2004
One who participates often in the ritual of anal sex.
Yeah, last night Bobby Kurka was my ass jockey...
by anon.... July 19, 2005
a gay person who rides asses, or someone who is being a deutchse bag
jon u fucking assjockey u cunt ass anal loving whore
by greg cale August 07, 2006 be a flaming homo take or give mass amounts of cock to another man
Chadwick: Oh bro that guy's a fucking major ass jockey.
BillyBob: Oh yeah he's a fucking ass jockey dude.
by addisen June 16, 2006
One who rides a donkey Ass Jockey
Did u hear the horse track is racing with donkeys now? Murph is racing today, i didn't know he was an Ass Jockey.
by nate nizzle March 20, 2015
A mother fucker who cheats on a beautiful girl with a fat ass. Yet amazingly gets away with it because a) beautiful girl is too forgiving and b)has a pretty sweet whip.
See Also:
That guy cheated on that girl, what an ass jockey, yo.
by Juloria April 20, 2005
homosexual who likes to do it from behind
get the fuck away from me you ass jockey
by cooter April 25, 2003
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