normally a guy who is ugly like a ass and looks like a Goblin. They are very stupid and normally gay. Smells like shit all the time. Ugly face and messed up hair. He is basically a shit looking monkey thing that crawls around and lerks around in shit. And everyone wants it to die but Arrington just keeps feeding it. Also an ass goblin can be anything ugly or retard or disturbing shit looking piece of shit from your ass. Also assgoblins have no penises just manginas.
That Guy looks like an assgoblin
That piece of shit is very assgoblin looking
Assgoblin is gay
That person is lerking around like an assgoblin
by assgoblinrobert January 06, 2012
Any person who likes taking it anally or give anal, while scatting,"shitting" on each other in denial.
Michael just bent Raybones over and made him take it, gosh their such ass goblins!
by freckles, milkman,big daddy January 02, 2008
A little green alien thing that lives amidst in your bunghole and dwells on flatuelence (farts) and anything that's left. Also like a disease that acurres when you don't clean yourself too well.
Damn man that ass goblin of mine is starting to irritate me.
by Lewis316 March 22, 2004
The kind of person that, no matter how hard they try, cannot seem to stop gawking at womens asses when they walk by.
Man, he is being such an assgoblin, staring at women constantly like that.
by Ex Tacy March 08, 2012
A skinny pale blonde girl who will and has crawled up many ass's. Ass goblins live in Northern California and are invading everywhere.
I seen this hot girl in a white jeep today. " watch out shes an ass goblin"
by ihatebritlen August 30, 2011
Ass Goblin. A thin typically loud douche bag that sits next to me in class.

"He's an Ass Goblin!" "Who?" "Higdon!"
"He's an Ass Goblin!" "Who?" "Higdon!"
by Doc111 August 11, 2009
When you shit and you swear you hear your poop snickering...
Oh I've got to poop!*POOP* *SNICKER* Oh those damn ass goblins!
by Tom the a$$hole July 10, 2008

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