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A foul smelling mixture of dead skin cells, dirt, sweat and shit seepage from one's asshole, collecting in the ass crack.
I would have let Sara give me a rimjob, but my crack was full of ass cheese because I hadn't showered for days.
by sirvancealott October 14, 2005
Known for people who sit on a chair for extended periods of time (hot climate?) without bathing, and/or fart alot and/or do not bath daily.
Eg; a gamer who plays BF2 for 12 hours straight and shits 2 times thereabouts while resuming gaming. When you scratch your nuts and it feels creamy then you got asscheese/bagcheese.
Remedy: = scrub yer taint and surrounding areas.
by Barrence June 30, 2006
When you shart in your pants and your in such a situation that you can't immedietly get somewhere to change your underwear or you don't realize there is actual poop fermenting inside your pants so you don't think to change your undergarments or you don't care enough to change your underwear. The stinky fart solution saturates your underwear and begins the aging process much like aged cheese.
"I went on a camping trip and accidently sharted. I didn't have an extra change of clothes so I had Ass Cheese growing in my shorts."
by Dangermilk September 01, 2009
the hot musky sweaty and maybe a little shitty residue left on the asshole after going toilet and not wiping very well which gives off a strong smell and can be very tasty
i spread her ass cheeks apart and rubbed her asshole and could smell her sweaty musky shitty ass cheese on her asshole that wasn't very clean and i licked it
by anom123 July 18, 2006
Leftover sperm in your ass.
I feel asscheese from last night when I sit down.
by TickleMeFunTime May 06, 2015
1. The substance removed from the back area near the anus that when rubbed out looks like lint.
I just picked some ass cheese from my butt
by Mark December 21, 2004
the nasty "extras" that are left behind when one doesn't wipe properly.
Bob moons group of people....
People: Ew what is on your ass!!!
Bob: nothing...
Dancing leprechan in corner: OMG IT"S ASS CHEESE!
People: YOU NASTY!
by Moople December 21, 2008
N:A Fourm of cheese that grows in the anus of a human being
'Tim's asscrack was a haven for AssCheese'
by Dustin A. October 12, 2004

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