A member of a loser gang on xvi who pretty much spends his whole day with his thumb up his ass thinking of how to be cooler than the rival gang "The Drunken Monkeys"..... too bad that will never happen.
The Assbandits private message me asking me to stop making fun other them.
by Drunken Monkey Queen April 11, 2003
Top Definition
One who sticks his choo choo in the rear tunnel. Going up the hershey highway.
I missed the pussy and became an ass bandit.
by Dave F December 11, 2003
male homosexual
What an ass bandit
by The Phantom July 16, 2003
A person who plugs holes when the soap is dropped.
#1 Ben the ass bandit plugged Steve's hole as he bend over to pick up a tool.
#butt pirate #homo #ben #steve #bum dart
by Guy Diesel January 17, 2006
An unscrupulous curmudgeon who blasphemes by the very nature of his or her existence. Simply put, an unambiguous wanker, a incorrigible troglodyte, a downtrodden asshat.
Eric if you say POOT one more time I will puke. How ass-bandit-ish.

Peter is such an ass-bandit about seeing live shows.

Noah's ass-banditry is unprecedented. Stop touching yourself.

Denver has always been an ass-bandit and will always be an ass-bandit.
#ass #bandit #asshat #assbandit #asbandit #bandit-of-ass #ass pirate
by Danger Brown October 10, 2006
A guy who prefers another guy's hairy anus over a girl's vagina.
Elton John.
by a friend. July 01, 2003
British term for Male Hosexual.
"e's nothin' but a bloody Ass Bandit, 'E is!
by Vega$ Bill November 28, 2002
a person who prefers anal sex, especially when it involves the de-virginizing (or taking of) a persons anus.
after growing weary of conventional sex over the years, Gus turned into an ass bandit.
#colon cowboy #rectal wrangler #butt voyager #hersheyboy #analman
by dakevster December 12, 2006
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