A gay male who sticks his penis up arses
That Carl is a right Assbandit
by biggetybiggetybong May 23, 2003
Top Definition
One who sticks his choo choo in the rear tunnel. Going up the hershey highway.
I missed the pussy and became an ass bandit.
by Dave F December 11, 2003
male homosexual
What an ass bandit
by The Phantom July 16, 2003
A person who plugs holes when the soap is dropped.
#1 Ben the ass bandit plugged Steve's hole as he bend over to pick up a tool.
#butt pirate #homo #ben #steve #bum dart
by Guy Diesel January 17, 2006
An unscrupulous curmudgeon who blasphemes by the very nature of his or her existence. Simply put, an unambiguous wanker, a incorrigible troglodyte, a downtrodden asshat.
Eric if you say POOT one more time I will puke. How ass-bandit-ish.

Peter is such an ass-bandit about seeing live shows.

Noah's ass-banditry is unprecedented. Stop touching yourself.

Denver has always been an ass-bandit and will always be an ass-bandit.
#ass #bandit #asshat #assbandit #asbandit #bandit-of-ass #ass pirate
by Danger Brown October 10, 2006
A guy who prefers another guy's hairy anus over a girl's vagina.
Elton John.
by a friend. July 01, 2003
British term for Male Hosexual.
"e's nothin' but a bloody Ass Bandit, 'E is!
by Vega$ Bill November 28, 2002
a person who prefers anal sex, especially when it involves the de-virginizing (or taking of) a persons anus.
after growing weary of conventional sex over the years, Gus turned into an ass bandit.
#colon cowboy #rectal wrangler #butt voyager #hersheyboy #analman
by dakevster December 12, 2006
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