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It happens when you ask someone as question and they have no idea what the answer is, so they start talking out of their ass, also known as AT. Usually it happens when someone is trying to sell you something in China. It can also come in the form of unwanted advice. Ass Talk is usually annoying, but once you recognize that you are hearing it, it is very funny.
me: "Mr. Wang, is this bag you are selling me real or fake?"

Mr. Wang: "Bag real, that why you are buying it in my super lame store for a discounted price, and not in the real store. I know manufacturer. My quality best."

Me: "well the price is kind of high, I bought the same one in a shop next door."

Mr. Wang: "Not same quality. You buy no good, me sell you best product low price.

My wife: "this guy is just spitting ass talk. Lets get out of here!"
by Captian Niu B September 20, 2011
Talking out of your ass.
Deborah, that's ASSTALK!! ASSTALK, Deborah!! ASSTALK!!
by assman March 07, 2004
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