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A little piece of dried poop, which, when pulled loose, takes along with it a collection of butt hairs so it resembles a spider body and hair legs.

It's a guy thing. Women do not have ass spiders.
When he pulled the crusty bit loose it ripped out a bunch of butt hairs leaving him holding a worthy ass spider in the paper.
by Ass-Spiderman July 30, 2009
<i> noun </i> generic term for any type of sexually transmitted parasite.
"i heard you banged rhoda kirkman." "yeah, dude. i got a bad case of ass spiders from her."
by the dastardly one December 30, 2003
a spider that goes in your ass when u sit on the toilet
i saw a ass spider making babies with a penis snake
by asspro67 October 04, 2005