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A not so mythical creature who vistits you in your sleep, buggering you with out disturbing said slumbering. The ass fairy then leaves you half a roll of quaters on the night stand, a half pack of ciggerttes taped to your palm, and a sore arse.
Andy "Dude I passed out at Jeff's party last night and got visited by the ass fairy."
Aaron "Oh Ya, how do you know?"
Andy "My ass hole hurts like a mother, and a had a half-pack of marb's duct taped to my hand, but at least he gave me bus fare."
by Ozwald March 11, 2006
A mythical creature who flat narrow butted girls wish to for more attractive butts.
The ass fairy visits them while they sleep and with a wave of the magic wand endows them with magical man getting ass.
See Tit Fairy.
Kim Kardashian has been visited by the Ass Fairy way too many times!
by jsd96321 January 26, 2012

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