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A close relative to the turd. Ass cakes are dropped in the toilet soon after consuming such things as Monster Energy drinks, Dr. Peppers, Dr. McSteves, or Cake. Ass Cakes pass quickly and quietly with little to no pain or discomfort. Dropping an ass cake is usually a pleasant experience that should not even require you to grab the nearest Playboy. It is advised that you announce to anyone that can hear you when you are about to drop an ass cake. It is vital information. They wish to know of your pleasure.
Greg: Hey man, I gotta go drop an ass cake.
Joe: I love you
by Ellisniss MGP January 17, 2010
36 10
A person who is a simple asshole.
That farm boy was just an asscake.
by Yoda November 30, 2004
36 13
when shit dries on the ass hairs and hardens,
When I woke up this morning, I obviously did not wipe my ass good enough because I had some ass cakes dangling from my ass.
by Roger Golding February 19, 2003
40 23
moron, cocksucker
Searyx is a total ass cake.
by SearyxLicksBalls July 24, 2003
25 18
(Noun.) 14 guys performing a creampie simultaniously, filling a male asshole, making a vanilla frosted cake-like substance, an asscake.
The KKK just gave asscakes to innocent black convicts all over the tri-state area. Those faggot asshole KKK fucks!
by WienerButthole September 27, 2008
8 2
cheeks of a woman's ass; buttocks
"That young 'ho certainly has fine ass cakes!"
by Tunmy AuGratin February 23, 2006
23 18
A mean, ignorant and insensitive person who makes a complete ass of themself.
Person 1: That guy is such an asscake!
Person 2: Yeah I know!
by Teaflowers June 25, 2010
4 2