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The act of expelling waste similar in color and consistency to vomit, though expelled through the rectum rather than the mouth. It may be accompanied by sounds similar to those made while vomiting as well. See throwing down
Anne: "Tommy, what did I tell you about throwing up on the carpet?"
Tommy: "Relax, mom, it's just ass vomit."
by Mace Decade January 07, 2009
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He had a bad ass vomit.
by Taco Wallace August 22, 2003
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(n.) a large volume of matter ejected from the anus with the consistency of regurgitated food. It is usually the result of eating ethnic food or viral infections in the digestive system.

(.v) to expel such matter from the anus.
He came back from Taco Bell and left ass vomit all over my toilet seat!
by HU 2010 January 30, 2008
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