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When in the prosess of dropping a turbo deuce all that is released from one's rectum, is a warm, festering, inflammatory liquid. Can be a caatalyst to the creation of a poo swamp.
Dude, my current poo swamp dwellery is utterly vile because that chili I grubbed on gave me the most horridly foul case of ass piss.
by Larry Schonsleberry III December 12, 2003
23 19
When only pure juicy liquid comes squirtting out your anus.
Man, those taco's gave me some serious ass piss.
by Toque August 13, 2003
216 68
AssPiss is the act of dropping ones trousers (pants), tucking the scrodum and penis behind ones legs, and proceeding to pee backwards. Most frequently occurring at fraternity recruitment events.
Nick: "Hey guys!"
Crowd: "What?" (while turning to face Nick)
Nick: "AssPiss 2011, whewwww!"
Crowd: "What the fuck is wrong with that kid."
by WSUATOASSPISSER September 14, 2011
51 3
When you have such violent diahorreoa that you are basicly pissing out of your ass.
Damn, after that curry I had a huge asspiss.
After being in China for a few weeks, all the members of Panda room had had afew ass pisses.
Damn that asspiss is runny as shit!
by eddy April 07, 2005
67 21
It`s when u have the worst type of diarrhea , where u start leaking liquids from ur ass hole .
Jack ass pissed at the bank last sunday ..
by death_creeper March 20, 2007
57 19
an explosion of warm bodily liquids from the anus.
Dude sean shot ass piss all over my fucking room!
Dude im sick of cleaning up my grandmothers ass piss.
by Tanmanno5 August 07, 2008
47 19
1. Diarrhea
2. Light beer
3. All of the above
Bartender, can I order a bottle of Ass Piss?
by RedBlade7 March 31, 2008
32 20
liguid shit
man i got narlly asspiss
by nambo August 07, 2003
21 13