The act of using Nashville Hot Chicken paste as lube for anal sex. Usually occurs on Main Street after midnight in Nashville Tennessee between homeless people.
After Ass Fracking Tyrone out behind the hot chicken shack, Joshua now has 3rd degree burns on his pecker. Even worse, Tyrone will now use a colostomy bag for the rest of his life.
by Dick Burley December 03, 2012
Top Definition
When one washes his undercarriage (ass, balls and taint - the whole 9 yards) using high pressure water device, such as a hand-held shower head on jet-pulse mode.
I have been traveling for a good week now. I tell you what, when I get home I am gonna have to double up on my ass-fracking to make myself feel clean again.

I just don't feel complete unless I ass-frack.
by Mcdizzle August 11, 2014
When anal sex causes a fart to escape around the pitcher's penis. As in the technique for drilling for natural gas.
The ass-fucking turned to ass-fracking when I hit the gas mother load and she farted all over my dick.
by ToneLoc LouDogg April 05, 2011
The practice of clearing residual crap and aid in reducing swelling from/of the Anus/Rectum, while showering; with a pulsing shower wand. A useful exercise for ensuring personal hygiene and relieving posterior discomfort due to constipation, IBS, hemorrhoids, and paper rash. Sometimes referred to as an instant enema.
In order to save time instilling my personal hygiene, I prefer AssFracking as a substitute to sitting around with a ass full of suds.
by davo77 June 01, 2016
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