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Dragging a piece of bread in the butter container instead of using a knife like civilized people
Dude, dont ass drag in my butter
by fuzzy moldy potato November 10, 2015
The name for the condition in which the rear shocks on a car collapse, causing the rear end to be permantly bottomed out.
This car has been condemned due to ass drag.
by A-Web December 16, 2005
A real grueling, boring, tiring, and tedious task or situation. Derived from the phrase "draggin'(g) ass".
I hate this class. It's such an ass-drag.
by RDS December 01, 2005
used as a form of initiation when your naked ass is dragged over a rough carpet; usually resulting in a bloody ass and scars for life; also the inability to sit
"the ass drag made me cry for hours"
by andyfellovernet April 07, 2003
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