Average Selling Price: the average price of all the things you have sold (in some period of time).

So if you manage a store for one day, the ASP for that day is the total amount of money customers paid you that day, divided by the number of items you sold that day.

If your ASP is dropping, you may get less money even though you sold more items.
MPD's revenues in the first quarter of 1997 decreased 50.9% compared to the first quarter in 1996 due to a significant drop in the average selling prices ("ASPs") of Static Random Access Memory ("SRAM") products. SRAM ASPs in the first quarter of 1997 were 52.3% lower in comparison to ASPs in the comparable quarter in 1996. Although, unit sales volume for SRAM products increased 2.5% from the first quarter of 1996 to the first quarter of 1997, the impact from the decline in ASPs exceeded the effects of this growth in unit sales volume.
by H Drudge July 23, 2008
A telescoping steel baton used by law enforcement officials.

-A Steel Pipe-
That cop beat the dogshit out of Humberto with his ASP.
by M.Beech February 17, 2004
Server technology developed by Microsoft that might be more welcomed in the open-source community alongside PHP if it were not tied down to IIS, a webserver also developed by Microsoft requiring Windows and with a less than desirable security history.

The latest release of ASP integrates with Microsoft's .NET technology.
I might consider ASP if it were more supported on Apache.
by Snuffkin February 04, 2005
acronym Assorted Sugar Products used to cover the competing terms lollies, candy and sweets
'Lets go and buy some ASPs'
by pipmeister September 28, 2007
Application service provider; an internet entity that manages and delivers application capabilities to multiple users from data centers across a wide area network.
ASP's are a new model for delivering common computer applications to multiple users.
by VAKI5 May 10, 2005
Short for All Shall Perish, a deathcore quintet from Oakland, California.
Yesterday I went to see ASP, they were fucking brutal!
by 13375p33k January 17, 2008
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