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(pronounced Aiz-moe)
Asian emo. Rarely seen and often disturbing.
"Look at Chang, he's all depressed and greasy...he's become such an Asmo"
by Esmerelda Villalobos June 05, 2007
9 23
the shit that pawns b0b's ass in gaion (urban gaion for more info) and dun reject this cause i kn0w j00 p00blish 0ther gayass definiti0ns
b0b: 0h shit! these asmos are pawning my fat ass | dabid and urp: *giggles*
by m0nstarm0n November 05, 2009
22 3
Asmo by its very definition means cool and sexy and utterly awesome.
"man your cool shit! Your like ASMO!!!"
by james March 23, 2004
20 30