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A fragrant beauty who is not only sexy and sweet but also very sauve, sleek and "to die for"..!
wow..ur such an Asma..!
by Amz ! April 24, 2005
and she's like..SOOO FUNNY
"Oh, my god, you pulled an Asma!" (The person made a hilarious comment)
by Larzaa May 09, 2005
One of the best friends a person can have, Totally gorgeous and has guys all over her.

Watch out though, Asma has a lot of imaginary animal/inanimate object babies!
"Asma's out with her Banana-Horse, so she can't come to the movies"
"WOW. You're such an Asma. You're so gorgeous!"
by Dingo-conut.xoxo June 25, 2009
An attention whore who would do anything in her power to collect the maximum attention possible because that is her life ambition.
having DDs and and wearing a pushup bra at all times is an asma thing to do
by john dhoe May 29, 2012

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