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Aslanidis is a derivation from the Ottoman surname Aslanoglou used by Greek population before being either expelled or exterminated. The surname Aslanoglou derives from the actual Greek Guild Aslanoglou or simply put Aslan Guild (which means "Lion" in Ottoman), which was a wealthy Greek Guild with large territories in the Pontos, Capadocia and other parts of Asia Minor. The original members of the guild were either expelled or exterminated by the Turks of Kemal Ata Turk, an inhuman monstrous madman. There are still nowadays descendants of this guild who have survived and are eager to punish the Turkish mind-controlling government and release from that Islam the Greek population in Turkey that has been brainwashed, by being converted to Genizari.
All Aslanidis are joining back in to release their territories from the evil Islamic invaders.
by JohnnyTheGreekIII February 08, 2010
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