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Aska is a really awesome friend who's always there for you and ready to party (but not in that skeezy jersey shore kind of way! A pretty girl who's not afraid to speak her mind, and does her own thing...
Yup, everybody needs an Aska.
R: Am so bored
P: Lets call up Aska
*phone call*
A: Party Patrol in 10!
by razmuli December 29, 2011
Also Simply Known As
Rajasingh Welligamarathne also simply known as (a.s.k.a.) AJ.
by Jehan January 17, 2008
An extreamly evil name that extreamly evil parents give to their children, leaving them scared for life.
Also impossible to find pre-made name tags for.
A: Hi, I'm Aska.
B: Aska? Ask-her a question! get it? Ask-her! *dumb giggle*
A: *stab*
by AskaGreenDay December 09, 2006

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