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no, it's an actual phelia.
Asianphile=obessesions with asia and it's people
by Rilo July 19, 2003
n. 1) one who admires Asia and its culture, 2) one who loves or has a strong affinity or preference for Asia, its culture, its language, and its people.
David studied Mandarin in Beijin for a year and Japanese in Tokyo for a year. He is planning to go back to Beijin for furthering his study on Mandarin and Taoism this year. You can say that he is quite an Asianophile.
by kohyin April 04, 2006
Someone who has immense respect for Asians, and the occasional otaku who worships the ground the walk on. Literally means 'friend of Asians'.
Jasmine gapsed as the Asian boy walked in the door; she was a true Asianophile.
by Mimiko May 18, 2003
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