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No, not a bird for you flaky bird lovers...this is for any of you with friends who love to pass out at parties...and they're impossible to wake up...have fun with this one.

The "Asian Peacock" began showing its plumage in the late 90's at parties across Western Canada. What would happen, is that the first person to pass out at the party would be stood up and bent over the bed and had their pants and underwear pulled down around his (or her) ankles.

From there, any of the people in attendance who "happened" to have a Asian fan(ooooh, the ladies were sweating and began to fan themselves - that kind of fan - popular in Eastern Asian fashion)...would insert the end of the fan INTO the ass of the passed-out person. Open the fan, and you have yourselves an "Asian Peacock" - named after the fashion popular in Eastern Asia.

Pictures of the famed peacocks can be found anywhere on the web...sales of fans are skyrocketing across North America once as many designs that can possibly be made...industry booms overnight.
10 minutes after Jonny passed out, there was a sighting of the rare Asian Peacock.
by Renslips August 01, 2008
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