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It is called Agent Orange, not Asian Orange.
by jrhockman October 06, 2003
That one particular hair dye that asians seem to prefer over all other colours.
example: one of the next five asians you see will have asian orange hair
by mr banananananana January 27, 2011
A cheap tan that makes a white boi look like a pakistani boi
OMG that bitch got a tan like an asian orange!!
by Mr shitz February 16, 2009
1.The chemical substance that kills all plant life in an area of a jungle valley.

2. Chemical substance sprayed in North Viet-nam by the U.S. Air Force to kill all plant life in the jungles.
Maj. Benson flew over Norht Viet-nam and sprayed Asian Orange over the rain forest
by Super Trouper September 30, 2003