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A girl who's very non-judgemental, loves to have fun and isn't a slut or a whore but still is one sexy bitch. She seems to be mean but really she cares. Her heart is like a locked box full of secrets and is only opened to add more never give them away. She's insecure even though she doesn't realise she's beautiful. She's smart and her smile makes your heart skip a beat. If you date her she'd never cheat you but would break you like a stick if you cheated on her. She is the best bestfriend you could ever wish for and is an amazing person. When you become friends its for life. To her each friend is a precious gem. And when your down she knows how to make yo smile.
1. Guy1: there's Asiah...
Guy 2: dayum.
Guy 1: you said it.
by fsaiofjaimojdfioasjfoaj February 27, 2012
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At first you think she has to be either of African or Asian decent, then come to find out she is a very Irish looking gal, who is extremely funny and mean all at the same time, very non judgmental (if she is your friend) very pretty and one of the best friends you could have!, One bad thing about her is, she has never seen Purple rain
claire: asiah your getting all the request today!
asiah: bitter is not a pretty color on you
by Boxxed February 03, 2010
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