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Noun. As in 'he's Pulled an Ashworth'. After relentlessly pursuing the object of your affection, they agree to go out with you. So excited, on the date you get too drunk, lose your self control and kiss a stranger in front of them. Thus loosing the one you wanted.
James begged and begged a girl to go on a date. Eventually, she agreed. On the date they kissed. This sent James giddy and he got drunk... too drunk. So much so he forgot about his girl and kissed a stranger in the bar. He 'pulled an Ashworth'.
by Cabinosbanditos January 19, 2009
A total douchebag; an asshole; a person who will fuck you ever if you allow it; a real piece of shit.
Man, that guy is a dick. What a complete ashworth.
by March 12, 2010
when something is only worth 1 ass not evan 2 asses ony 1 because it is so stupid and retarted and girls hate him and he says he has girlfriends but he dosent.
that kid named paul is such an ashworth, you know what i mean?
by etkjyrn October 12, 2007
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