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ash-ra-ful, also pronounced, baa-boo.

a male characterized by an abnormally large head, usually suffering child-like features, that may cause surprise when their true ages are revealed, especially around 15 years of age.

ashrafuls usually are very good at sports and can usually play with both their right and left hands, being quite amphibious, as one famous ashraful had once said.

ashrafuls are also quite often spotted sprawled on the floor in front of large screens that may emit light at HD rates, most favorably, in "al-bundy" style. this is common when you have entered their inner den. if you ever spot one, consider yourself lucky, but be weary of the immediate handshake that may follow.

when referring to an, or mimicking an ashraful, a high-pitched, nasal voice must be used in accordance to their traditional mating calls.
"You're FIFTEEN?!?!" (shouted after an ashraful sighting)

"Naaaa man, you right, das right. Naa, you right." (a common ashraful call)
by elburrochachu January 16, 2010
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