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a very intelligent, witty, humorous, beautiful person
She is definitely an Ashna
by your one-and-only roommate October 26, 2003
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D sexiest girl living on this Earth . The hottest you`ll ever see . Pretty , intelligent , funny , hot , sexay , talented , fashionista and just PERFECT . You shoud be happy you know her let alone have her baby .
Dude , you have a picture of yourself wid Ashna ? wow :O
by livetoparty September 17, 2011
An Indian name of Hindu origin. Ashna means beloved or devoted to love. She possesses characteristics of eternal beauty, intelligence and a caring, sweet nature, often bound to cultural roots. Also spelt Aashna.
Ashna is so gorgeous. Aashna
by whatsyourname123 July 10, 2013
an extremely unintelligent remark or action
"I pulled an Ashna"
by anonymous October 26, 2003

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