One of the best things to ever happen in my life.
Ashlyn was one of the most important things in my life for one month.
by neineinein329 May 26, 2013
Top Definition
An awesome gal with an awesome attitude.
very talented in what they do, and are usually twinkie's
They are very creative and usually musical.
They like to eat. Be friends with them.
this chick is awesome! they must be an ashlyn! woot!
by Google bear May 31, 2008
A very gorgeous girl. This girl usually has the prettiest eyes in the world. When around her you laugh a lot and watch awesome movies. A girl named Ashlyn is hot and sexy and everyone wants to be around her. This girl is nice and friendly and just wants to have fun. She's simple and fun loving. An Ashlyn loves to make jokes and has a great time with guys.
" Wow she's amazing." "Must be Ashlyn"
by bobarabaroo December 26, 2009
basically one word,awesome. but.......
is more of a girly girl yet plays sports. more creative and a great friend! caring and genorous. also is great around little kids!
by jjhjghjkgjk August 27, 2008
A fun, loving, talented, outgoing girl who is often misjudged. They usually have the prettiest eyes in the world and are extremely funny. Some may be tall, but most Ashlyn's are semi-short. Ashlyn's love to hang out with guys and girls get extremely jealous of them because they are so pretty and fun to be around. They love to party and have a good time, so if you're friends with an Ashlyn you know you're in for a wild night. Ashlyn's are also very caring and delicate people so really appreciate them.
Friend: Who's that?
Guy: Oh that's ashlyn the most perfect girl in the World
Friend: Wow I'd tap that hottie
by 2awsome4u September 12, 2010
A hot, sexy, pretty, young woman.. wifey material.
"Wow, babe you are such an Ashlyn"

"Hey Mom, I'm looking for an Ashlyn. I'm tired of the dumb stripper bimbos"
by Ash-Meister December 31, 2006
someone who is attractive, smart, fun loving, and has an exquisite sense of humanity
Dude, that girl is so ashlyn.
by Dr. Liska January 14, 2007
A pretty awesome friend. A wallflower. Beautiful. Creative. Smart. Funny. Shy. Doesn't like big crowds. Strong. Tends to hold in her feelings. Loyal. But, the MAIN part of an Ashlyn is their ability to fool everybody into believing they are innocent when they are not. This is usually classified as a "move" or "technique".
David: Dude, that girl is so goody-two-shoes.
Johnathan: Umhm..I bet shes pulling off an Ashlyn.
David: Really? ...aww man she's good..Hey man, you think I could pull off an "Ashlyn"?
Johnathan: AHAHAHAHA!!!! ...I hope your kiddin..
by <3=D<3 December 28, 2010
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