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An all around AWESOME person... One who is spontaneous, understanding, bold, dedicated, and loving... that is if you are on her good side.. if not.. watch out! She has a temper like fire, and a heart like gold!
I luv Ashlie, My ASHAHOE!!!!
by Tabitha M. April 04, 2008
the most amazing girl in the world. beautiful, funny, cute, sweet, honest, caring, and a dork
Friend 1: that girl still watches disney

Friend 2: i know she is such an ashlie
by batman0807 March 21, 2011
The worst roommate one will ever have.

Absolute white trash at its finest.

Whore. Large, floppy, heavy breasts. Chubby. Fat. Obese. Whore.

Girl birthed by a teenage mom in a trailer park. White trash to the 10th power obviously.

Eli: Dude! Ashlie kicked me out of the apartment!

Leigh: Dude! Who cares? That girl was such a whining, drunken, obese, psycho, homely, hopeless, obese, repulsive monster. You are cuter.

Eli: Oh! You are right! What was I thinking in the first place? I am better :)


by YoRegiiiiis! August 28, 2008
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