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1. Gay spelling for the name "Ashley".

2. Streetname for a common whore.

3. Title for a "scene" girl with an eating disorder who looks like a rat. See cunt for more.
1. Girl #1: "That dumb bitch spells her name Ashleigh!"
Girl #2: "Ew I know! Let's kick her ass!"

2. Guy #1: "Man, how about later on we go pick up some coke and a few ashleighs?"
Guy #2: "Bitchin!"

3. Guy #1: "Oh boy! Last night when Ashleigh was sucking my dick her cheap clip on extension ripped out!"
Guy #2: "Did she swallow? Bet her fatass gained 10 pounds from it, you old dog, you!"
by frankboiyeah November 11, 2007
A really beautiful girl. Often loves and cares for many people
One day, Ashleigh sucked my dick, she was so caring!
by Allgood December 08, 2007
a pretty girl who is confident in what she does.
very trust worthy and easy to talk to.
usually one of the nicest women you'll ever meet.
always has an interesting story to tell
boy 1: man I'm just having a terrible day. my gf broke up with me and I just need a nice girl who won't break my heart.

boy 2: sorry man I just don't care. maybe if you meet an ashleigh she will help you out. or you might fall in love with her

boy 1: thanks man. I'll go talk to the one in my math class
by ashhlaay March 09, 2009
A Girl who is a good lover and a good looker with the right moves and loving heart and won't take shit from anyone and doesnt give a shit what other people say about her.
Dude: See that ashleigh chick? She hot isn't she?
Dude2: Yeah i see her and nawh she is

smexi not hot "SMEXI"
by Girl gone goth May 08, 2009
The most beautiful girl in the universe, where none in future, past or the present could ever compete with. However sometimes cold and unfeeling; she is always friendly and pleasant upon first contact. Incredibly intellegent and loves/hates teaching math to her best friend. Invincible in a catfight. Loves music and has a passion for the piano as well as figure skating. Infallible speller and gramatic princess with a mean shark bite.

A girl whom the words amazing, phenomenal, astonishing, brilliant, awe-inspiring, divine, startling, excellent, surprising, fabulous, incredible, magnificent, marvelous, outstanding, remarkable, astounding, stupendous, fantastic, awesome, sensational, something else, staggering, fine, super, tremendous, gorgeous, unheard-of, miraculous, wondrous, stunning, 'a vision', and aesthetic don't even begin to describe.

Often reffered and compared to (as) a 'butterfly', or just 'B'. I wish I was an Ashleigh. Or at least her best friend. See that Ashleigh? I want her really bad. All the boys and girls crave me because I'm an Ashleigh! Hey Butterfly! I mean, Ashleigh!
"I wish I was an Ashleigh. Or at least her best friend."

"See that Ashleigh? I want her really bad."

"All the boys and girls crave me because I'm an Ashleigh!"

"Hey Butterfly! I mean, Ashleigh!"
by LaurenXV December 27, 2009
she is very unique.

beautiful, good looking, total stunner.
big tits and a nice ass and a unique body
usually really hot
amazin ta talk 2

tell her everyfin
has the most amazin kisses
if u no an ashleigh, ur fortunate, dont ever let go af her
my ashleigh is unbelievable

she is good in bed

i luv ashleigh
by YourMum543 June 19, 2009
The most amazing girl ever. The girl I want to marry
I'm going to marry Ashleigh.
by stubeard January 08, 2011
A dicktease
Male: "hey ashleigh, wanna have sex with me?"

Ashleigh: "No, but ill strip naked just to rub in your face what you cant have."
by Michael92842349283423 December 13, 2010