Ashleigh's are people who are obssessed with cats and probably walk around your whole school meowing and yelling HOLY CATS .
she is also probably the most amazing person you have ever meet she can be your bestfriend all the time and be there for you like no other or she can absoultly hate you and be a huge bitch . she is a exremly trustworthy and she will listen to you and be there for you till the very end. you probably will love her very much , i know i love Ashleighs very much

Ashleighs walk into walls . Ashleighs are amazing friends. We love Ashleigh .
by leeeexi April 26, 2009
A typical dumb bitch who thinks she's tough
OMG that bitch thinks she's an Ashleigh
via giphy
by punkin-chunkin July 18, 2016
Ashleigh has big tits a massive arse and amazing in bed

Yet even though she has a wild side also has a caring side to her
She will love and care for you

Someone you should go for in a realtionship
She is beautiful
Dahmmmmm that Ashleigh is sexy ! Look at that booooootaaaay!
by Ajwilson October 24, 2013
Ashleigh is a seemly, good-looking girl until you realize she is dumb and will give about anyone a blowjob for 1$.
"Dude! You're dating Ashleigh? I didn't know you were that desperate!"
by The Living Human Dildo February 19, 2015
Ashleigh is a pretty looking girl but honestly the most annoying fucking thing in the world. Ashleigh gives off an innocent vibe but still flirts witgh anybody she can. Ashleigh is incredibly dumb and naive. Although she is naturally not the smartest, she acts as if she is dumber than she is for more male attention. anorexic whore.
Oh look its Ashleigh being a little dumb asshole.
by jaydeve July 02, 2014
The worlds biggest cunt. She loves to try and steal women's boyfriends.
Look at Ashleigh flirting with a taken man, again.
by yegger January 15, 2013
A women who spells her name retardly, cheats on her significant other and is a whore
Guy 1-"Oh man, did you hear what that whore did to John?"

Guy 2-"Yeah, what an Ashleigh"
by John_Billy_Bob September 14, 2008
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