A women who spells her name retardly, cheats on her significant other and is a whore
Guy 1-"Oh man, did you hear what that whore did to John?"

Guy 2-"Yeah, what an Ashleigh"
by John_Billy_Bob September 14, 2008
a girl who loves fishing (:
when shes older, she's most likely going to be a cougar.
she's also most likely to have many weddings, not because of love...but the actual celebration and alcohol, many of these ending in divorce and stealing all her ex husbands money.
so basically she's a gold digger and she wants to be a billionaire so freaken bad !
she's crazy and immature for her age, but we ALL LOVE HER !
Girl 1: "did you hear about that girl who hooked up with like 5 guys last night?"
Girl 2: "omg, she's such an ashleigh"

Man 1: "i just got divorced from my wife, it's her 10th divorce"
Man 2: "thats unlucky, you shouldnt have married ashleigh"
by amashda July 06, 2010
This girl thinks she is the bizz
she is up her own arse and thinks the world owes her a favour
will read this and giggle to her friends trying to joke it off - when she knows it true
treats people as slaves and doesnt know who her real friends are

basically a slut who people use for sex
That girls is a slag - must be called ashleigh
by Sexxi-babe December 14, 2010
so, ashleigh is a name that is pretty wide spread. and you all know an ashleigh thats a slut. lets face it guy's there is always one name that just = SLUT.
hey ashleigh....


did u get sandwiched by "guy A and guy B" at the same time?

umm.... ( cough cough)
by "yeah you know me" April 24, 2010
1) a pretty blonde girl who's stupid thoughts often end up in facebook quotes

2) a person who says things without thinking and end up coming off as a ditz

1) "how do flowers make babies?" "dude you sound like an ashleigh"
"do whales live in this lake?" "could you be more of an ashleigh"

2)"when i grow up i want to be a bus driver just so i can sit on that magic seat" "ummmm...ashleigh? can you hear what you're saying"
by cscott9409 January 03, 2009
A very immature, silly girl. She is usually obsessed with herself. Lazy. Wants to be taken care of. Tends to be slutty and dress like a whore or a freak. Will most likely be blond.
See Ashleigh run. Run, Ashleigh, Run.
by foidkmieolilejoe July 23, 2007
1. odd spelling of ashley, often mispronounced ass-ley.

2. crazy niece
i'm gonna go to ashleigh's house to use the chuck norris total gym.
by J-dizzle n da heazy August 13, 2008
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