One of the better Nickelodeon shows. It focuses on the life of Ginger Foutley and her friends as she records them in her diary. The animation and dialogue was entertaining and funny, so Nick doesn't show it anymore. Some of the reasons it was successful and lasted more than a season was its in-depth character development and lack of stupidity like the current TEENick shows made by that idiot Dan Schneider (aka The Main Reason Nick Is Ruined).
Person: Hey, look! As Told By Ginger is going to be on this Monday!

Friend: When? 6:00 AM?

Person: Um... yeah, actually.
by iloveyouall! August 29, 2008
Top Definition
An Great animated series that focuses on a girl named Ginger Foutley and her Friends Macie Lightfoot , Dodie Bishop , and soon to be boyfriend Darren Patterson, The show basicly centered around Ginger trying to figure out life and it's ups amd downs it was one of the last great showes Nick showed before it went to crapville
As Told By Ginger is a great show
by AAO July 04, 2007
One of the worst shows ever. Portrays the following things in a negative inaccurate light:
high School
Pretty much everything
Enjoyed mostly by preteen girls that are very naive and stupid. And emo fags like it too,since the show makes them cry more. This show is on one of the worst networks ever,Nickelodeon who traded in all that was good for shit a few years ago.
emotears: did u watch ATBG last night?
0niTTRay: No,I was too busy having a LIFE. One that doesn't involve dashboard confessional and a box of kleenex.
by 0niTTRay December 30, 2003
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