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A euphemism for the act of having sexual interactions with another person. (i.e. Oral, manual, phone sex, etc.)
"Me and my boyfriend did some arts and crafts last night"
by lazyshmuk March 21, 2012
2 0
The act of throwing glitter on a girls chest after you blow your load on it.
I was sexing this chick up, and I pulled out my cock and gave her the old arts and crafts
by Mulloy August 13, 2005
24 8
Smoking pot when you have to make a bowl out of a can.
Yeah, mom, I'm just gonna do some Arts and Crafts.
by Anonymous July 08, 2003
19 7
smokin doobies
yo homee lets go bust up some arts and crafts beyotch
by G-haad April 05, 2003
5 13