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A real Asshole who likes to think he knows about art.
NVH: "Next year I'm gunna do Art History, Art pianting, and Art Sculpture... Yay!"
Anyone: "Uggh. You're an Arthole bro."
by MotherPuncher September 23, 2007
A small, independently operated performance space, usually one converted from a place originally intended for another purpose (a storefront, garage, or basement, e.g.)
The White Stripes began their career by playing in the art holes of NYC's Lower East Side.
by Tom Tenney June 13, 2008
An arrogant asshole who claims unique or infallible insight into the work of a specific artist, or art in general.
Clement greenberg's "Avant Garde and Kitsch" is entertaining reading, but is indisputable proof that the man was a colossal arthole.
by semantic jester May 13, 2011
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