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A real Asshole who likes to think he knows about art.
NVH: "Next year I'm gunna do Art History, Art pianting, and Art Sculpture... Yay!"
Anyone: "Uggh. You're an Arthole bro."
by MotherPuncher September 23, 2007
A place where stoners and wannabe stoners hang, mostly to talk about their false hopes and pipe dreams.
Archibald: "I say Jerome, shall we stroll down by the town square this morn?"
Jerome: " Heavens no! That place is the epitome of rotspots!"
Archibald: "Goodness gracious! Whatever shall we do?"
Jerome: "How'bout we stop acting like a couple of fags?"
Archibald: "Indeed. I suppose this means I should retract my penis from your rectum?"
by MotherPuncher May 11, 2007
Like got balls only using sack. It sounds a fuck-load cooler though.
"Man did you hear Jimmy-Jimmy ate $60 worth of LSD ?"
"Yeah man, he's got sack."
"He fuckin' did."
"What? Why the use of past-tense?"
"Well he OD'd"
"Gay...Oh well"
by MotherPuncher April 11, 2007
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