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The sexual act of urinating into your partners rectum. Comes from the popular drink which is a mixture of lemonade and ice tea.
"I was having anal sexual intercourse last night and I couldn't help it. I had to give her the Arnold Palmer. Of course she dug it.
by Ricardo Sanchez Esq. July 22, 2006
(1): A half iced-tea half lemonade drink created by the Arizona drink company. You can find them at most 7-11's, just ask the Muslim guy working there.
(2): A sexual act where, preferably a guy, palms the head of an individual, and soon gets into a rhythm of pulling the head towards his (or her) crotch, leaving a 50/50 mixture of jizz and saliva in the overjoyed victim's mouth.
Friend 1: Did you hear what Gavin did over the weekend?
Friend 2: No, what?
Friend 1: He finally got tired of t-bagging and gave Megan the good ol' Arnold Palmer. Good man.
Friend 2: Dang......I tried to do that yesterday but turns out the bitch has herpes.
by marklikeslittleboys July 15, 2011
A drink made of half iced tea and half lemonade. Named after a famous golfer.
Dammit, woman, I'm thirsty! Get in the kitchen and fix me an Arnold Palmer!
by J3 May 07, 2005
when a homosexual man strikes out on a date and has to tug it himself... he has a date with arnold "palmer"!
paul: hey brad how'd your date go last night?
brad: fuckin terrible. dude smelled like old man balls and talked like nic cage!
paul: so home alone?
brad: yeah played the front 9 with arnold palmer!!
by special_OV June 28, 2013
Fecal matter that is half diarrhea and half solid. Named after the famous Arnold Palmer drink.
Example 1

Steve: "Ah man I just took a huge dump."
Bill: "Yeah? How was it?"
Steve: "It was an Arnold Palmer."
Bill: "Oh, sick."

Example 2

"Just had an Arnold Palmer, it was a pain to wipe."
by fartmaster69 October 22, 2011
The sexual act of licking a female's clitoris while simultaneously fingering her vagina.
Bro, I just gave that bitch an Arnold Palmer in the bathroom.
by seana renne January 10, 2012
AN ice tea drink that is delecious. 1/2 ice and 1/2 lemonade it is a verry popular drink mostly produced by Arizona ice tea company. Known as Half and Half in some places.
I went to Mobile and got some "Arnold Palmer" befor school.
by Megias May 22, 2008