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Likely the most honest US military commercial ever broadcast. Although the intended message is undecipherable, a soldier running through the dessert by himself, to anybody who has been in the Army recently, the message is clear. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN AND YOUR ASS IS IN GREAT DANGER - How the fuck did I get myself into this mess?.
The people here hate me. Many are trying to kill me. What the fuck are we here for, anyway? I don't want to be an army of one anymore. Give me some ruby slippers and get me back home.
by Sal McCloud February 12, 2006
The latest recruiting catch phrase. Replacing "Be All That You Can Be (In The Army)". Seems like a strange way to describe the new kinder, gentler Army. An Army Of One, "One" is an acronym: O=Officers N=NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers) E=Enlisted.
No example needed. Army Of One, Hooah!
by Spc Gray March 20, 2006
A particularly sturdy and capable holy-spec paladin in the most popular MMORPG of all time.
lesser pally 1: Dude, Hammah just blew away an entire crop of l.60 undead in EPL, solo.

lesser pally 2: What can I say? He's an Army of One.
by Ohne March 01, 2007
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