Basically the worse reputation of the military wives. Army Wives are the wives that think they are above everyone else. They believe that their partners uniform will get them what they want. Not all of them are like that but these days its most of them. If you dont live up to the bad reputation then good job :) But if you do then im sorry lol
Ugh jenny! You are acting like a typical army wife just stop.
by KAJ2014 November 05, 2013
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Wife of an Army soldier. An emotionally strong and independant woman who does what is necessary to care for her family. A very devoted wife who is proud of her Army husband. She is normally very modest and kind.
Person 1: "Did you see that woman carrying her two kids?"

Person 2: "Yea, that's Holly. She's an Army wife. Her husband is in Iraq."

Person 1: "That must be hard for her."
by Daisy Buchanon August 02, 2008
a woman who is married to a man/woman in the army. she is understanding and strong, having to deal with her partner leaving for long periods of time. they may or may not have kids together, but either way, she takes care of her family. that being said, she has high expectations of her partner, probably keeping them more in line than the forces do. army wives love their partners very much, and put up with a lot for them. their partner in the forces is usually very special, as their wife would do anything for them.

these are all just her traits as a wife, though. she may also work, own a business, be furthering her education, volunteer, also be in the forces, be a mother, etc.
army wife; a dynamic woman.
"Hey, you're running your own business, have three kids, and a husband who's away all the time in the forces. How do you do it?"
"An army wife has to do what she has to do!"
by lipstickstains May 12, 2015

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