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1 a : a girl who, although tiny in stature, is bound with an abundance of charisma. Friendly, caring, and thoughtful, she attracts many new people. She thinks in colorful palettes that swirl into meticulous lines and shapes. She keeps her day-to-day refreshing by looking through childlike eyes. But don't be hoodwinked by her apparent porcelain doll innocence, for she throws a monster wicked house party, flooding floors and arousing police activity at an apartment near you. If there is ever wonder of what goes bump in the night, it is probably the backbeat of a bass-driven song and the continuous conversational clamor during one of her twilight ice cream socials. Overall, you need more people like her in your life. Make an effort to know her, and she'll bring some brighter hues into your perspective.

2 a : not a square, nor a triangle; perhaps a rectangle; suggested by her friend to be a star

3 a : the arm of Ida
1. "Don't be so bashful, I know you're really an Armida of a party animal."

2. "Man, stop being a square. And stop trying to cut corners; it makes you look like a triangle. Time to get into shape, Armida shape."

3. "Aw, Ida broke her arm"
by b.meddlesome November 24, 2010
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