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Normally a name given to a Greek guy with dark hair and dark eyes.

"Aristide" guys are rare, but this is for a good thing because they are amazingly hot, nice and lovable!
girl 1: OMG that guy is amazing I'de love to ...
Jess: ... Aristide's MY boyfriend...

girl 1: Ah.
#hansom #amazing #jess #buff #eyes #hot
by mareilsurmauldre January 14, 2011
Weed, Marijuana (not hash)

derived from the former Dictator of Haiti, Jean Bertran Aristide.

Kind of in the cockney vain of slang terms (rhyming with the original term, Aristide-weed)
I went down to the Plaza and I met a couple of fine african gentlemen who were able to introduce me to President Aristide
by Lou Stenspayce April 01, 2004
a laid back beach-bum type who likes pizza and skateboards. It will probably steal your chillskin if you leave it laying around.
Person#1: "someone stole my chillskin!"
Person#2: "That is such an aristides thing to do"
#erik stides #chillskin #art #boobs #titties
by nottoosure February 03, 2010
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