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that awesome girl that you know. kind of loud. loves to be the center of attention. makes friends really quickly. doesn't care what haters think. drama queen.
Have you met Ariah?
Hell yeah she's awesome!
by Ariela96 July 01, 2011
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a deadly but enjoyable sex position
me and lorelei totally pulled an ariah in my bathroom last night.
by Lorelei reso April 03, 2008
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A beautiful girl. She is super funny, loves basketball and any other sport. She is very freaky and loyal. She's a great kisser. She's also sarcastic and sassy, so don't mess with her or she's going to bite back.
Ariah is very hot!
I know right dude but she's off limits!
Ariah's a fast runner and a great athlete!
by Chjgggb March 13, 2017
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