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v. To perjure yourself while bringing a spurious libel case and later be found out and thrown in jail. After Jeffrey Archer, who did just that.
Maybe Tony Veitch will archer himself when he tries to sue the papers who said he beat his girlfriend up.
by RichDRich April 16, 2009
Two thousand pounds. The author Jeffrey Archer is rumoured to have paid a prostitute two thousand pounds for sex.
How much your new car cost ya? An archer! For that? Yer 'avin' a laugh intcha?
by McDogfood August 17, 2005
The Archer School for Girls is a private all girls school located in the exclusive area of Sunset Blvd and Barington Avenue. Most of the girls that attend are rich and slutty. The school contains a beautiful campus and requires a yearly tuition of around $30,000. The high school girls are pretty desperate, and pretty hott. The school is comparable to the other slutty all girls schools: Marymount and Marlbourough
Boy: " What school does your sister go to?"
Brother: " Archer"
Boy " So your sisters hott and a slut. Nice!"
by Allgirlsschools January 24, 2009
Secretly gay but likes to put others down. Uses short, slutty bitches as his beard and transforms them in to his minion. He has no friends because he is a total douche bag. He loves his hair and looks like an umbrella, he thinks it is a mad flow. If you saw his hair from behind, you would think he is a girl. Overall, he is an immature asshole.
Look at that she male walking over there. It is such an Archer.

That is such an Archer comment.
by blackmagicwoman568687 December 10, 2011
Elephantitis sized balls flapping on a fat bitches cunt, or a fags asshole.
I archered that bitch so hard she put her head through the wall. That crazy cunt!
by Bob7878 June 05, 2007