An Irish slang word for 'Virgin'.
Paul? Oh, hes such an aran. He's never gotten laid and never will.
by James Molloy May 16, 2008
Top Definition
1. To be a sexy filipino.

2. To be a great friend.

3. A person with the greatest friends in the world.
1. Dude that boy over their is SO Aran!!

2. I didn't know what to do so i asked my Aran for advice.

3. Did you hear what his friends did for him? That kid is so lucky to be Aran.
The most amazing guy ever, loves his girlfriend more than anything and is willing to do anything. Loves his children and family more than himself. Knows how to treat a lady and no matter how many bad and rough times he will go through he'll always be there for his loved ones and will protect them til the end
That guy over there is trying and failing to be Aran
by princess290509 July 22, 2011
The most hot, sexy guy you have ver met. Super smart and super nice. Has lots of friends.
That guy is so Aran
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