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Someone who is an enthusiast of all things related to the water. Someone who loves doing anything by the water, on the water or in the water. Much like a cinephile is a film/cinema enthusiast or an audiophile has an ardent interest in stereo & high-fidelity sound reproduction.
If you enjoy sun-bathing, boating, fishing, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, scuba diving, kite boarding, kayaking, swimming, water skiing, beach volleyball, marine life, shelling, riding a jetski, sitting on a dock , swinging in a hammock or drinking margaritas with your toes in the sand, or anything else by the water, on the water or in the water, you are an aquaphile.
by Water Lover August 09, 2013
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person that likes water
one can turn himself into aquaphile if he been left in desert for a month
by Hari Pragmatic November 02, 2013

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