e-mail those TED TURNER FUCKERS at CARTOON NETWORK and cuss them out for cancelling this awesome show.
They should cancel one of their bazillion airings of Scooby Doo or one of their lame shows like The Oblongs,Mission Hill,Baby Blues,Harvey fucking Birdman nobody gives a shit etc.
by Family Guy sucks dick!!!! August 11, 2004
A popular Adult Swim cartoon show that only makes sense if you are really tired and you watch it really late at night.
(When watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force late at night): What the hell is going on here? This is funny! (laughing)

(When watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force during the day): What the fuck is this crap? How could anyone find this shit funny? It makes no sense whatsoever!
by RedBlade7 April 02, 2008
Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a show that maney do not like because they are to sophisticated and intellegent.I was reading difenitions four pages ago, people said ATHF was a stoner show or for 11 year olds who wanna be cool. They said it was strange and random. They said people only liked because it airs so late and they are half asleep. But now everyone leaves cool defs., cuz those pruney old bitches realized that they were makeing dumb asses of them selves.

1. I don't smoke pot and never will
2.I watch it on DVD at 6 o'clock and it's STILL good
3. I'm not 11, I'm 15, I watch the show with my older freinds and sometimes with my DAD who is 40
4. Random is not a complement, stop useing it that way. OHHHH, jhony u r sooo random. ATHF is anything but random. It may be a little eccentric, but not RANDOM.
5.Err does NOT look like a WMD! Probably some nervouse old ladey who has 911 on speed dial: No person with any tech experience sees a LED light board and thinks it's a bomb. They were 5 millimeters thick with a couple of D-batteries stapeled to them! WHERE ARE THE EXPLOSIVES KEPT?!

In conclusion, ATHF is usally liked by those who are not bland posers with sticks up their ass. These people are real to them selves and admitt that they like something, even though others may tell them that makes them immature low life scum.
Fred: Aqua Teen Hunger Force is for stoned insomniac pussies

Bob: just a minnute while I grab a moon rock, nerd

*vigorus moon-spanking ensues*
by $@M February 03, 2007
Positlivly the most retarted show ever to hit the universe. A freekin talkin french fries and talkin soda and a meat ball man. WTF. Can You say stupid concept. like zomg why the hell would you waste perfectly good time watching this complete piece of crap. And its only 15 minutes long!. WTF the only good 15 minute show is robot chicken. so athf can suck monkey nuts.
Chris: O YA Aqua Teen Hunger Force is on.
Reid: Shut up Were not wasting perfectly good time watchin this peice of crap show when we could be playing wii.
Chris: Your right, it is retarded, what was i thinking?
Reid: Its a good thing that i stopped you from watching such a retarded show.
by Spider_3717 October 25, 2007
A so-so show on Adult Swim late nights on Cartoon Network. Watched mainly by stoners because there the only ones who laugh at all the humor.
"Meatwad makes the money, see,
Meatwad gets the honies, G.
Riding in my car, living like a star, ice on my fingers and my toes and I'm a Taurus."
by Beefmaster November 28, 2004
A show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Highly embraced by scene kids and 11 year olds. Most people watch it so they can be "cool" because they understand the "black" humor, which doesn't exist. No actual humor is present during the show.
Scene kid: Oh man, did you watch AQTH last night?!
Scene kid 2: No, I went to the Dramatic Honor show. Some guy spin-kicked my girlfriend so I tore his black hoodie up.

by Radio Cure July 07, 2005
A mind-bendingly idiotic show that is adored by two kinds of people: Those that smoke gratuitous amounts of weed, and those who are half-awake when watching it at midnight.
Person 1: Aqua Teen Hunger Force is great.

Person 2: It sucks, man.

Person 1: Wanna smoke?
by shafticus November 29, 2004

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