derived from a month, used by parents who lacked creativity at the time of their daughters arrival
'gee, i just gave birth, what month is it again?... April you say..'
by April August 03, 2004
Top Definition
A left-leaning, cultured, intelligent, down-to-earth chic that has tons of friends throughout the world. She's a lover of cinema and ethnic cuisines, has a witty sense of humor and is a great person to get advice from. She's the friend that is always there if you need her. She's also fantastic in the sack.
"That chic is so awesome. What an April."

"I got the best blowjob I've ever had. That girl was a real April."
by Maub Dib January 08, 2009
A cool name, given to a girl. Appears to contain the magical property of forcing others to ask the same question when it is first heard, regardless of good sense.
"Hey, what's your name?"
"Oh, so were you born in April?"
"Shut up."
by april101ninja March 06, 2009
A girl of Asian descent who has it all:
- Beauty and brains
- Perfectly contagious personality
- Sense of humor
- Superb fashion sense
- Musical talent, especially the violin
- Loyal, loving, kind
- Parents LOVE her
- Ambition
- Charm
- Sophistication: she is wise beyond her years

- Food. she never stops eating
- She can (and if she does not like you, will) take your man. No, he will actually pursue her.

Basically, she is the epitome of a delightfully perfect lady. Loved by most, hated by a few who envy her.
Mom 1: When I grow up, I want my daughter to be an April
Mom 2: I hope my son marries an April
by punditbc June 19, 2010
A person to talk to. is always there for you. has your back and has the greatest personality.This person will stick up for her friends. She will tell you right from wrong and will make sure her opinion is known. has a the biggest heart. Always looks on the bright side.
Person 1: Ewwwww that person has the uglyest hair ever!

April: Hey but look at her face she is gorgeous in my opinion.
by JonnaLynn April 02, 2009
a female of wise words. Often regarded as a "panda" person. These types of females are very energetic and friendly, and when you see these types of girls down, you feel down too.
hey, dont feel so down. Thats not very april of you.
by mikhail martinez March 20, 2008
a very fine gurl. usually known to take someones boyfriend
did you see the booty an that april she makes me want to leave my girlfriend
by lovelygurl January 12, 2008
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