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When a couple's sex life ends because one or more members has just gotten an iPhone.
I need to get laid, every since my girlfriend got her new iphone we have been practicing apps-tinence.
by mj19852012 January 13, 2012
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Whenever someone desires to buy an app but do not have any points to do so. This is caused when one is too lazy to go out and get an iTunes card.
I've been wanting to get this one app but i've unfortunately been forced into Appstinence.
by Ze Urban Bird October 12, 2010
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One who abstains from purchasing Applications (or "apps") for their phone.
Man #1: What, you don't have Fruit Ninja? Or that app that makes lightsaber noises?

Man#2: Nope. I practice appstinence.
by Hikash March 19, 2012
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When one is so addicted to playing apps on their iPhone, they never have time to love their life. So, they feel the need to quit their app addiction and stay away from the cruel world of apps.
Maria knew she had the choices of continuing to play apps and live alone or to quit and go on appstinence.
by honeycombwidbutter July 28, 2012
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