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(noun) 1. one person out of a group of people who work at applebees resturant.
2. The common name for multiple groups of small cliques formed within an Applebees resturant. Applies to current & former Applebee employees. Not all workers are neccessarily 'applebuddies'... it can refer to just the 'cool' posses formed within its roster.
3. a nation-wide gang of applebee employees connected thru a huge network of the applebee franchise. This concept of the applebuddies is they are all ONE gang only holding down different resturants, yet still follow the same or similiar guidelines & protect eachother from harm. (& causing trouble with Chilles employees)
4. An intramural co-ed flag football team for oklahoma state university, named for applebees employees & consisting of some. (still pending for 1st game)
I want to be an applebuddy but i am mentally challengedso they wont hire me. ----- David Buckland is a very famous applebuddy
by Mrs. Sexy October 25, 2006
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